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How to put on weight
Many people find it particularly hard to put on weight. They are known as ectomorphs or ‘hard gainers’. Whilst this may seem like a blessing, when it comes to building muscle it can be an obstacle for many. This article will present you with tips to build muscle even if you are a so called ‘hard gainer’.
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Top 5 Foam Roller Excercises
Generally, foam rollers are globally used to increase soft tissue flexibility and reduce “tightness” associated with exercise performance or injury.
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Are hidden sweetners sabotaging your fatloss?
In case you are unaware, there is a constant raging debate regarding the use of sweeteners (sugar substitutes) and their influence on weight gain/ loss and their link to issues such as obesity and diabetes.
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Intermittent Fasting 16:8
Intermittent fasting is used as an umbrella term for a series of ‘dieting’ protocols, based on the scheduling of meals, rather than cutting calories in order to achieve fat loss.
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What is the perfect route to muscle recovery?
Recovery is a very important part of training and should be taken seriously. Click here to see how.
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The best weight training for your body type
A workout and diet plan needs to be tailored for YOU. Start by finding out which body type you have…
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Commonly asked fitness questions
Answers to the most commonly asked fitness questions.
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Hardgainer`s guide to building muscle
A guide to building muscle. The training, nutrition etc.
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Weight Training Basics
Sometimes gym terminology can be hard to get your head around- especially if you’re just beginning your fitness journey! “Super Set this” … “HIIT that”… it’s no wonder you take one look at the meat heads and chose to take shelter by the cross trainers!
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Why am I always tired???
There are many daily health concepts that can cause feelings of tiredness and fatigue, but not to worry… in this article we are not only going to tell you some of the major reasons why you might be feeling tired, but also several ways you can combat fatigue and become re-energised.
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Running Trainers - The right type for you
When selecting the right trainer it’s important to ignore the brands. There is NO best brand of trainer, and the real importance lies behind the fitting and flexibility of the shoe – which solely depends on your foot type.
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Top tips for a beach body (Diet and workout)
Getting a ripped six-pack can be a hard task to achieve, especially if you’re racing against time and don’t have the nutrition and training basics necessary to get the job done. That’s why we’ve compiled a list with the most important nutrition and training tips when it comes to building a lean physique.
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Top 7 muscle building supplements
Lift weights and eat right. These are two fundamental steps when it comes to putting on muscle mass.
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Coconut Oil - Everything you need to know
Coconut oil is extracted from the kernel of mature coconuts and has been widely used as a healthy alternative for cooking as it is highly resistant to oxidation at high temperatures.
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Weight loss tips
The “secret” to losing weight is simply to consume fewer calories than you burn daily.
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Best protein foods for building muscle
Eating high-quality protein every day is essential for building muscle. If you’re determined to put on some serious muscle mass, all your meals should have high quality protein.
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The best whey for muscle recovery
In terms of muscle recovery, whey protein is regarded as the most effective source of protein for the immediate repair of lean muscle mass. This is mainly due to the fact it has an amino acid profile which mirrors that of skeletal muscle, but also due to its ability to digest rapidly and get absorbed quickly from the intestines into the muscle.
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Lose weight fast with high-intensity interval training
We all know that cardio can be, at times, extremely boring. Running on the treadmill or going at it on a stationary bike doesn’t seem to be challenging and, to make things worse, it’s impact on fat burning can often be pretty poor.
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Effects of glucosamine and chondroitin on joint pain
There is no doubt that human joints are outstanding structures that allow us the freedom of movement. It is common wisdom that people only pay attention to their joints once they start hurting. This article explores the science behind joint health and, more importantly, how you can pro-actively prevent cartilage damage.
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How to build muscle
If we were to ask people what they needed to do in order to gain some muscle mass, everybody would reply without hesitation: hit the gym. And that’s true, to a certain extent. Hitting the gym is indeed fundamental to induce muscle gains, but it is far from being the only factor in this equation.
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How do fat burners help you lose weight?
The desire to lose fat inevitably increases when the summer season approaches, with thousands of people signing up for gyms around the country each month. Whilst diet and training are the foundations for a successful fat loss regime, some people prefer to get a little bit of extra help from a fat burner supplement.
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The 7 Best Supplements for Cross Fit
Crossfit is all about strength, power and high-intensity output. One Crossfit workout (WOD) has the effect of completely destroying your muscle fibres. Diet and supplementation are essential to get you back in the game and take you to the upper level. Without them you will never be able to overcome your plateau. In this article we will list the 7 best supplements for crossfitters. This list is based on several opinions from crossfitters all over the web. It’s not our list – it’s your list.
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Sports Supplements
The use of sports supplements is continually growing, yet many people are still questioning the use of these and the importance to athletic performance or helping an individual to achieve specific training goals.
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Which Protein Shake
A guide to help you decide which protein shake is the right one for you.
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Ripped in 8 Weeks
A guide to lowering your body fat.
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Big, Basic and Heavy
An introduction to compound exercises describing their benefits and which compound exercises you should be doing.
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Strength and Power - Fulfill your potential
Do you want to perform or just look good? There’s a big difference. If you want a machine-like physique and want to take your performance in the gym to the next level or even enhance your conditioning for a sport, then you need to start implementing some aspects of Strength and Power training into your routine.
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Cooking Oils
Getting busy in the kitchen? You're going to need a little bit of fat to add flavour and moisture and keep food from sticking in the pan. While some fats can handle the heat, others don't fare so well, losing their original taste and nutrition content in the cooking process. Oils which do hold up (i.e., have higher smoking thresholds) tend to be best for cooking, at least for those of us who prefer our meals without a side of char. Find out how to pick the best fat for cooking any dish.
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The Perfect Recovery
Based on numerous studies, Myprotein investigates the Perfect Post Workout Recovery Drink. Whether you are an elite athlete or just a regular gym user, recovery is key to ensure you are fresh and able to train for the next session. Looking at specific research Myprotein investigates the Perfect PostWorkout Recovery Drink.
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The Importance of Sleep
One of my favourite feelings in the world is collapsing into my bed, physically and mentally exhausted, knowing that I have a long, deep, deserving sleep ahead of me. But that’s not just lazy indulgence, as a good night’s sleep isn’t a passive activity, but rather, I think it’s just as actively valuable as regular exercise and quality nutrition. A good night’s sleep can improve overall health and make every aspect of the following day more productive.
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A Great Physique Starts With Good Health
Do you know anyone who’s unhealthy and has a good physique? I don’t, and I’ve spent the last five years studying medicine. In fact when it comes to the general population I very rarely see anyone with a good physique. Why?
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Recovery Strategies for Atheletes
Although most athletes are pretty knowledgeable on the nutritional requirements to prepare for training and competition, the importance of recovery is often ignored. In order to reach optimal performance, an athlete must recover effectively from the extreme exercise stimuli they take part in.
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Strength Traning - An Introduction
So you’ve decided to get buff. You’ve had a chat with an expert (that massive guy in the gym who always trains his chest) and he’s told you that all you need to do is four weeks of bench press and a tub of his ‘special sauce’ and you’ll be huge too right? Wrong! Producing a good, strength based physique is something that will take time, perseverance and hard work. The good news is you’re here and we?re going to start together with a great beginner’s routine.
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How Protein Works
Protein has a number of important roles in the body including the manufacturing of hormones, enzymes, messengers and immune-system components, as well as playing the main structural process of every muscle fibre. The amino acids that make up various proteins are therefore critical for the structure and regulation of cells and without adequate protein from our diet the body simply will not function. Protein can also help to reduce body fat levels due to the enhanced feeling of satiety and increase in fat utilisation that typically occurs. The effects on gastrointestinal health are also highly documented with increased glutamine intake being shown to develop overall gut function as well as aid decline in the immune system. The amino acid cysteine (typically found in high amounts in whey) will also help to promote glutathione level in turn having a positive effect on the immune system.
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The Power Of Paleo
If you haven’t heard of eating “paleo” yet, one might ask where an earth have you been? Living in a hole? Perhaps living in a hole would be an apt description for a paleo eater seeing as paleo can literally mean to “eat natural”. If someone was living in a hole they would likely eat to their surroundings, game meat, small poultry, eggs, fish, veggies, some fruits in summer, nuts and other seasonal fare. Although none of us are living in holes nowadays, hopefully, we can indeed learn a lot from what we consider to be a paleolithic diet without the staples of the modern world for enhancing our health, weight loss and athletic performance (1-3).
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