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How do fat burners help you lose weight?

The desire to lose fat inevitably increases when the summer season approaches, with thousands of people signing up for gyms around the country each month. Whilst diet and training are the foundations for a successful fat loss regime, some people prefer to get a little bit of extra help from a fat burner supplement.

Fat burners can optimize your fat burning process, helping you get rid of the stubborn fat attached to your hips or thighs. In this article, we take a look at the most common ways in which a fat burner product can aid weight loss.


1) Metabolism Boosters

The most popular kind of fat burning product is called a Thermogenic, the main purpose of which is to increase the thermogenesis (the bodyís temperature). As a result of this increased metabolism, the organism will expend more energy (calories) in their daily activities (digestion, exercise, etc.).
This is usually achieved from the activation of the beta-adrenergic receptors, which are the receptors responsible for stimulating lipolysis (the process by which lipids are broken down in order to fuel the body).

Examples include: Caffeine Pro, Thermopure, Mega Green Tea Extract, Guarana Extract, and L-Tyrosine.

2) Fat Oxidation Boosters

Every muscle cell has a certain number of mitochondria. These mitochondria are, in a way, the energy factories of the cell. It is in these mitochondria that your stored fatty acids are metabolised and used as fuel. Some supplements stimulate the transportation of fatty acids through the bloodstream into the mitochondria, thereby increasing fat burning.

Examples include: L-carnitine and Acetyl L-carnitine.

3) Fat Blockers

Thereís one enzyme responsible for breaking down dietary fat molecules. It is called pancreatic lipase. Once broken down, these molecules will be absorbed in the intestines. Some ingredients, however, have the ability to inhibit the operation of this enzyme.

What happens if pancreatic lipase canít do its job? The fat wonít be absorbed. Instead, it will be excreted in the form of faeces.

Examples include: CLA, MP Max Elle Total CLA and Raspberry Ketones.



4) Carb Blockers

This category of weight loss supplements works in much the same way as fat blockers do. Scientists have discovered that some ingredients are able to block a starch-digesting enzyme called alpha-amylase, thus preventing the body from absorbing carbs. This means that fewer calories are consumed and fewer carbs will be accumulated as fat.

Examples include: Carb Blocker and MP Max Elle Carb Control


As you can see, thereís a myriad of supplements that can help you achieve your goals. Itís important to remember that whilst fat burner products can be extremely useful, diet and training will always remain the fundamental factors when it comes to weight loss.