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Commonly asked fitness questions

The Top Most Commonly Asked Fitness Questions

1. Should I cut fat out my diet?

The short answer is NO- definitely not! Cutting a whole nutrient out of your diet is not a good idea. Itís where you get your fat from thatís important. Good unstaurated fats, found in fish and nuts are actually really good for us, and they will help your body burn more fat. The saturated and trans fats found in processed foods however, is what will make us gain weight!

2. Will fasted cardio burn fat faster?

Is fasted cardio really necessary for fat loss? Many people adopted fasted cardio to try and shift their body fat Ė especially the last few percent during a period of plateau- but does this method work? A study revealed that during fasted cardio performed in the morning you are likely to burn up to 20% more fat. Fasted cardio in the morning is so effective because as you sleep your body conserves its carbohydrate stores and during fasted cardio is shifted to mobilize fat stores for fuel. Sipping on BCAAs during fasted training will help prevent muscle loss. However, resistance training on an empty stomach is not to be advised, eating a good meal before and after weight training will give maximum benefit.

3. How long will it take to see results?

This is entirely dependent on you as an individual, your goals, diet and nutrition. In general in order to see changes within your body it takes 4-6 weeks, in this time your body will be adjusting to the workouts. If your goal is losing weight then it is healthy to lose 1-2 lbs a week. Stay consistent and donít give up, after six weeks mix your workouts up to keep your body challenged and prevent any boredom.

4. How many sets/reps should I be doing?

If you are a beginner try and do three sets of each exercise, if not take your time and your endurance will build up as you progress. As for reps, if your aim is to burn fat aim for 12-15 repetitions and push as hard as you can, if youíre looking to gain strength and size, use a heavy weight and perform between 6-10 reps. The right weight for you is something you can perform up to 12 reps with, by the 12 rep your muscle should be near to failureÖif you can do more with ease you need turn it up a notch.

5. I want to lose weight but I donít know where to start?

Planning is everything, there are two main factors in losing weight, nutrition and exercise, you need both to achieve sustainable weight loss. If you plan your food and workouts you are less likely to skip them, Ďfail to plan prepare to failí . Have an idea before you go into the gym of what youíre going to do, get in and get it done, that way you wonít spend time walking around aimlessly.

6. When should I do my workout/best time to workout?

Do your workout when you feel most energized, most people choose to workout in the morning, this way it gets it out of the way and leaves you with the rest of your day. It depends entirely on your schedule, make it work for you. There isnít a perfect time to workout, the health benefits are exactly the same, so choose a time which is most convenient for you and something that you are likely to stick too, if youíre not a morning person donít schedule your workouts for then, because you are more than likely to give up after the first few weeks.

7. Should I do the same workout everyday?

Your muscles need to rest, this is where they grow and recover, training them everyday would lead to over training which can lead to a weakened immune system and illness. Rest at least 1 day of the week, if doing a full body workout do it every other day.

8. My muscles are sore, is this normal?

Yes! This means that youíre doing it right, especially if you are new to working out your muscles arenít used to it and they are in shock. This feeling is called delayed onset muscle soreness, usually goes on for between 1-3 days, stretch and make sure you warm up properly before your workout. The body adapts quickly and when the muscles are used to the exercise they wonít hurt so much, thatís when itís time to change it up and progress your training.

9. Will Lifting weights make me bulky?

This is a complete myth- especially for women. Many women are afraid to weight train because of this, but in reality, women lack the right balance of hormones and testosterone to put on muscle mass like men do, making it extremely hard for women to gain muscle compared to men. Lifting weights will give you curves and definition. The more muscle you have the more calories your body burns, this will result in fat loss.

10. How do I lose my belly fat?

There is no one exercise that will flatten or tone your stomach, you need to lose overall body fat by combining strength training and cardiovascular exercise. A good diet is also essential for getting that flat toned look. Nutrition is most of the battle, it contributes to about 80% of your results, ever heard the saying Ďabs are made in the kitchení -no matter how hard you workout if you over eat you will not get the results you desire. Itís total calories in versus how many you burn and your metabolic rate.

Itís good to set a realistic goal, you wonít lose all the weight in a week, the body takes time to put weight on so expect it to need time to lose it. It should be a lifestyle choice so choose a schedule that will work for you, donít force yourself to workout 6 times a week if you know you wonít stick to it- consistency is key.