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Our extensive protein range offers a wide variety of proteins, each with its own set of properties, so you can choose the one that's right for you. We use only the highest quality proteins. Protein helps build, repair and maintain lean tissue, it is therefore widely regarded as essential for gaining mass.

Only 99 calories per serving!
  • Contains green tea, acai berry & CLA
  • Very low in fat and carbohydrates
  • Includes comprehensive multi-vitamin & mineral blend
  • £24.99
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    Key Facts:

    • Protein Chocolate.
    • With Crispy Pieces.
    • UK's lowest price.

    The World's Highest Protein Flapjack - 21.7g of Protein Per Bar!

  • Real Chocolate Chip Pieces
  • Packed with Healthy, Natural Oats
  • £24.99

    Performance Mass is the best mass gainer for those looking to add serious muscle to their frame. Packed with huge levels of time-released protein, an advanced complex carbohydrate blend and our unique Power Complex, it's a serious mass gainer for hard training athletes who take their workouts seriously and want real results.

    Performance Diet Whey V2 is ideal meal replacement shake for anyone trying to effectively manage their weight, improve body tone, and enhance their physique as part of a high protein diet and exercise regime.


    perform better

    recover better

    train better.


    Key Facts:

    • 80% Protein
    • Low Carbs and Low Fat
    • 100% Vegan and Vegetarian

     Amazing taste
    Low Fat
       High Protein
       Low Carb

    £1.25 to £29.99
     Optimum ratio of protein to carbohydrates
     Includes electrolyte blend to replace salts lost through sweat
     Can help reduce the recovery time from heavy training