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*  12g protein
*  Ideal for snacks
*  80 calories
*  96% fat free
*  Low carbs

Performance Mass is the best mass gainer for those looking to add serious muscle to their frame. Packed with huge levels of time-released protein, an advanced complex carbohydrate blend and our unique Power Complex, it's a serious mass gainer for hard training athletes who take their workouts seriously and want real results.


T5 Dominate are a perfect starter product and as your weight loss goals change, you can move onto stronger products like our T6 Fire Storm or our ultimate T9 Black Fury.

On Offer : 20.01% off
Maltodextrin provides both an excellent source of energy and a convenient way to add extra calories to your diet if your goal is to increase weight

Performance Diet Whey V2 is ideal meal replacement shake for anyone trying to effectively manage their weight, improve body tone, and enhance their physique as part of a high protein diet and exercise regime.


Maintain healthy skin, hair, teeth and gums

  • Maintain healthy bones and joints
  • Support a healthy immune system
  • Maintain a healthy cardiovascular system
  • Maintain normal mood and a healthy nervous system
  • � Less than 95 calories per bar
    � Contains Trucal® which is a rich source of calcium
    � Guilt-free anytime snack
    � High in protein and fibre


    The four main benefits of supplementing with LG5 are

    Enhanced Muscle
    Faster Recovery Times
    Increased Anabolic Activity
    Prevents Over Training Syndrome
    On Offer : 20.01% off
    � Relieve muscle aches and pains
    � Improve balance, stabilisation and flexibility
    � Increase core strength